Iced Mocha Recipe With Hot Chocolate

Both the chocolate and the coffee shine and push each other to greatness. The perfect mocha iced coffee is out there.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe Mocha mix recipe

First, make the white chocolate sauce.

Iced mocha recipe with hot chocolate. Finally, iced mocha cappucino is ready. Rich chocolate coffee flavor “on the rocks”! Drizzle 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup into the bottom of two tall glasses.

Add hot water and stir constantly to dissolve. (if you are using chocolate sauce that you have made ahead, you might have to warm up the sauce a little to get it to coat the inside of the glass.) spoon the rest of the chocolate sauce into the. Add the instant coffee granules, hot chocolate mix (and skim milk powder if using) into a mug.

While coffee is brewing, drizzle chocolate sauce on the inside of the glass. Once smooth, stop microwaving and add the vanilla. Make simple hot coffee and stir chocolate syrup into until it will melt.

For 5 minutes blend the mixture. Add the coffee, frozen milk cubes, nutmeg, and chocolate ice cream, if using, to a blender, and blend until. Make this refreshing drink in only 5 minutes using 3 ingredients (not including.

Sprinkle choco chips over and serve. In a small microwavable bowl, add the white chocolate chips and the milk. In a long glass, add the blended mixture and top it with whipped cream.

Pour into a jar or pourable container. Trust me, i’ve tried it, and it’s in pure harmony; Trust hershey’s cocoa to give you a refreshingly good drink any.

This is a super simple, but incredibly addictive iced mocha recipe. Yes, you can still enjoy coffee on a hot summer’s day. Drink, but please be careful and not scald your tongue!.

Chocolate syrup has its uses, but for me, it has no place in an iced mocha, it’s too sweet and overpowering, and is usually out of balance with the espresso. See more ideas about recipes, mocha coffee, iced mocha coffee.

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